Save your receipt! Check the numbers below. Receipt numbers are randomly
selected each week and posted every Tuesday. Winners are refunded the amount
of their purchase up to a maximum of $150
, plus the Salty Dog employee
who made the sale wins the same dollar amount.

We select several winners each week.
This is a totally random drawing and not all days and dates will be represented.

If Your Receipt Matches a Receipt Number below,
including Date, Location and Amount;

Save Your Receipt! Then click here
We will quickly respond with instructions on how
to verify your winning receipt by fax or US Mail.

Receipt Number Date on Receipt Location Amount
BW-I-3867304/05/2014 Blue Water Bait & Tackle$29.65  
JC-I-15551204/04/2014 Jake's Cargo$13.77  
AR-I-8644804/04/2014 Arrow Road$12.72  
TSS-I-16101504/03/2014 South Beach$21.20  
AR-I-8628004/03/2014 Arrow Road$19.00  
JC-I-15509004/02/2014 Jake's Cargo$103.86  
TSS-I-16048704/02/2014 South Beach$40.70  
TA-I-1152504/02/2014 Tanger 2$15.11  
TSS-I-15976003/29/2014 South Beach$43.46  
AR-I-8597803/29/2014 Arrow Road$15.89  
BW-I-3833203/28/2014 Blue Water Bait & Tackle$26.49  
TA-I-1101903/28/2014 Tanger 2$11.87  
JC-I-15404503/27/2014 Jake's Cargo$19.06  
TSS-I-15935803/27/2014 South Beach$94.18  
AR-I-8573603/25/2014 Arrow Road$42.97  
JC-I-15357903/24/2014 Jake's Cargo$28.09  
JC-I-15313603/21/2014 Jake's Cargo$78.41  
TSS-I-15313603/21/2014 South Beach$44.50  
TSS-I-15794503/20/2014 South Beach$28.40  
BW-I-3811803/20/2014 Blue Water Bait & Tackle$3.17  
AR-I-8535003/20/2014 Arrow Road$36.03  
JC-I-15267603/18/2014 Jake's Cargo$28.82  
AR-I-8521103/18/2014 Arrow Road$9.98  
TA-I-1026403/18/2014 Tanger 2$32.85  
JC-I-15232203/15/2014 Jake's Cargo$14.84  
TSS-I-15696003/15/2014 South Beach$50.02  
BW-I-3800303/15/2014 Blue Water Bait & Tackle$10.98  
TSS-I-15640003/12/2014 South Beach$40.27  
TA-I-957303/12/2014 Tanger 2$24.35  
JC-I-15191503/11/2014 Jake's Cargo$27.54  
AR-I-8477203/11/2014 Arrow Road$21.20  
AR-I-8480803/11/2014 Arrow Road$50.65  
TSS-I-15577303/09/2014 South Beach$21.72  
TA-I-927303/09/2014 Tanger 2$18.01  
TSS-I-15561603/08/2014 South Beach$78.41  
AR-I-8459603/08/2014 Arrow Road$56.70  
BW-I-3785303/07/2014 Blue Water Bait & Tackle$10.60  
JC-I-15155003/06/2014 Jake's Cargo$11.61  
JC-I-15146903/04/2014 Jake's Cargo$3.17  
AR-I-8440303/04/2014 Arrow Road$23.26  
TSS-I-15523203/02/2014 South Beach$101.28  
AR-I-8426003/02/2014 Arrow Road$37.08  
TA-I-896403/02/2014 Tanger 2$9.49  
JC-I-15130503/01/2014 Jake's Cargo$23.31  
BW-I-3781303/01/2014 Blue Water Bait & Tackle$26.49  
TSS-I-15505102/27/2014 South Beach$30.20  
JC-I-15116702/25/2014 Jake's Cargo$22.78  
AR-I-8396302/25/2014 Arrow Road$18.99  
TA-I-872002/23/2014 Tanger 2$98.27  
TS-I-15484102/22/2014 South Beach$46.10  
AR-I-8387502/22/2014 Arrow Road$23.85  
JC-I-15090702/21/2014 Jake's Cargo$55.10  
BW-I-3771602/20/2014 Blue Water Bait & Tackle$15.90  
JC-I-15083202/19/2014 Jake's Cargo$24.36  
TS-I-15466002/19/2014 South Beach$29.67  
AR-I-8366802/18/2014 Arrow Road$34.97  
BW-I-3764602/15/2014 Blue Water Bait & Tackle$10.60  
TS-I-15429602/14/2014 South Beach$41.57  
AR-I-8346902/14/2014 Arrow Road$23.29  
JC-I-15049802/13/2014 Jake's Cargo$95.92  

*Online and Mail orders will receive a register receipt when order arrives.
The register receipt number will be different from your online order number.
Lucky numbers become invalid once they are removed from this webpage.
Numbers are posted for about two months.

Jake's Privacy Guarantee: We never share your personal information with third parties.

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