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  In a fishing village at South Beach lived John Braddocks and his dog Jake. John earned his living as a fisherman. Jake shared his love of the sea. Early one Friday morning, John powered up their 36 foot fishing vessel and headed for the deep blue sea.

  It was a great day for fishing. The fish were practically jumping in the boat. Suddenly, the sky began to darken and the wind whipped to 60 knots. Then, out of nowhere, the Salty Dog was slammed by a 20 foot rogue wave. Jake dug his paws into the deck and tried to fend off the storm with his mightiest growl, but it was too late... the next 20 footer engulfed the small craft. Jake and John were tossed into the raging sea.

  The man began to lose hope, but - so the story goes - Jake headed west. Jake swam for 3 days and 3 nights with the man holding fast to his collar.

  No one knows how Jake could have known the way back to his home port. The townspeople built a gathering place in the village and named it The Salty Dog Cafe - in honor of Jake's heroic feat. Portraits of Jake wearing his yellow sou'wester hat adorn the walls. His place in nautical history is assured.

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