CURRENT CONDITIONS: 10/08/16 at 1:04am
Temperature: 78.2 °F Wind: N at 14.0 mph Todays Rainfall: 0.20"
Humidity: 96%   Gusting to 39.0 mph This Month: 8.92"
Barometer: Falling Rapidly This Year: 33.88"
Sea Surface: --- °F    
Inside Temp: 78.4 °F    
Wind Average: 19.0 mph    

- Today - - This Month - - This Year -
High Wind Speed High Wind Speed High Wind Speed
39.0 mph at 1:03am 46.0 mph 60.0 mph
Low Temperature Low Temperature Low Temperature
77.8 °F at 12:38am 70.1 °F 32.0 ° F
High Temperature High Temperature High Temperature
79.3 °F at 12:27am 88.6 ° F 99.3 ° F
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Green Clock = Tide Falling with Low Tide at Bottom of Clock
Blue Clock = Tide Rising with High Tide at Top of Clock
Red Clock = Negative Low
Current Eastern Standard Time in Center of Clock
Current Tide Height on Face of Clock

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